We are passionate about helping companies “go digital”.

Binary International Limited is a digital catalyst – we help our customers, both enterprises and ISVs, grow and transform their business by leveraging technology that is at the forefront of the digital revolution, most notably VISMAC (Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).





With operations worldwide, we are fueling the digital revolution for clients in industries like financial services, high-technology, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and distribution through strategy, design and technology services.



Industries Focus & Solutions

How we can develop a mutually beneficial and long term relationship!

We serve multiple industries globally. Our domain expertise is backed by our phenomenal experience of successfully conceptualizing and delivering 1000+ projects.



The rapidly evolving economic landscape is creating new challenges and opportunities inciting manufacturing enterprises to navigate global supply chains and diverse markets. Divergent needs to service customers demanding more for less on one hand and to deliver shareholder value on the other, is driving manufacturing companies to explore every possibility to reach out to customer and improve productivity and efficiency of processes continuum. Going forward, manufacturing companies need to collaborate with their value chain partners to redefine value propositions to attract customers.

Binary offers comprehensive manufacturing enterprise solutions, targeted towards creating a truly social, collaborative and mobile operational environment, bringing you closer to partners, employees and customers. Binary helps manufacturing companies develop a strategy to derive more value out of their IT investments and manage processes better. Binary’s CRM solutions support critical business activities associated with automotive sales and service including:

Binary has a consultative approach towards delivering Business aligned IT solutions to seamlessly integrate systems, processes, people, and partners. We help you mobile-enable and empower your workforce to provide a real time visibility into production and service value chains and enable you to respond better and faster to any operational exceptions or supply chain disruptions. Binary helps you ‘future proof’ and integrate your processes to enable agile responses to market dynamics.


The Binary Advantage

Binary International has extensive knowledge and experience ERP, ADM, CRM, SCM, BI with partnerships with Microsoft, Sage, Intuit and MAIA. With over 400 man years of experience in manufacturing, BSIL has helped over 75 clients in over hundred implementations of enterprise solutions.

Binary International provides IT solutions to some of the world’s leading companies using a mature, business-aligned approach. Through the business aligned approach, Binary focuses on striking the right balance between leveraging existing assets and developing next generation capabilities that deliver business value and not just IT Solutions.

With a phased implementation roadmap, with clear milestones and built-in strategic wins on the path to full realization, we help our customers balance their IT priorities while delivering business advantage faster, mitigating risk earlier and increasing returns.



The exponential growth in the hospitality industry has resulted in host of complex issues that need swift and proactive measures in operations, customer relationship management, back office processes, etc. Since multiple business units or chains are scattered all over the globe, it is hard for the service providers and the customers to be on the same page.

Binary International’s Hospitality practice is armed with futuristic business solutions and smart technology packages that create the perfect holiday experience for your customers. Our current initiatives in the Hospitality and Leisure space include:

• Guest Experience Management.
• Financial Back Office solutions integrated with leading PMS and POS solutions.
• Business Intelligence and reporting solutions.
• MS Surface applications.



Retail has perhaps become the most disruptive industry in recent years. With new players constantly seeking a foothold in the shifting sands of emerging market shores and big supermarkets and mass merchandisers adding new product’s literally every day, consumers now have a wide variety of options to choose from. Add that to the advent of internet shopping, rising above the noise is now the mantra for retails.

Price-savvy consumers are using the internet to research products before they buy. Price comparison websites and consumer forums are frequently browsed before a purchase. Social networking has affected the way shoppers perceive a brand or a product.
With the growing accessibility of smartphones and faster technology, people have access to internet shopping at their fingertips. Retailers realize that mobile technology has transformed the in-store experience.

Binary realises that retailers have to arm themselves to meet customer expectations and present to their target markets, accessibility and accurate information of their products and services. We help our customer make informed decisions about their technology investments and provide solutions that help meet their customers’ demands.

Our solutions for the Retail industry include;

• Marketing Automation Software
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Business Intelligence (BI)
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Mobility solutions
• Custom back office solutions


Consumer Goods

Today’s consumer products companies are faced with unprecedented economic and environmental challenges. They must contend with rising raw material costs, changing business models and slow growth in a majority of the markets.

We help you meet today’s challenges in 6 key areas:

• Grow in New Markets through an online presence and ecommerce.
• Innovate and Engage with Consumers with the help of social media.
• Integrate and Collaborate across the Value Chain with the help of our BPM and KM offerings.
• Optimize the Core Business using our extended ERP solutions.
• Manage and Leverage Business Information with the help of our BI solutions.


Real Estate

Binary International real estate software solutions help companies to integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers the following key functional areas:


Sales – standardizes all the sales processes in the construction industry. It covers two stages of the sales process viz. Pre-Sales and Sales.

Engineering – includes estimation, costing, planning, scheduling, execution, and monitoring of projects along with Contract Management and Tender Management processes.

Purchase &Stores – encompasses all procurement related stages viz. material requisition, enquiry, quotation, price comparison, negotiation, purchase order, material receipt note and invoice generation. In Stores, it tracks complete details of the stock, material purchased, transferred and returned along with the inventory management process.

Maintenance – generates periodic maintenance bills including all the necessary elements and also records payments made against the bills.

HR & Payroll – handles recruitment planning process and selection of candidates. Maintains attendance and leave details of employees.

Asset Management – automates tracking of physical assets, including those within the company and at external locations.

Accounts – manages accounting needs of a company along with integration of all financial transactions for all the modules.



Established stock and derivatives exchanges around the world have prospered greatly in recent years, thanks to record trading volumes and a proliferation of new products. So have new alternative trading venues and clearinghouses. But a range of forces in India – regulatory changes, new technologies, and savvy entrepreneurs – are making exchanges and their investors vulnerable to more challenging times ahead.

What is, however, in the exchanges’ control is the acquisition of new customers and managing the customer experience. Exchanges would benefit thorough identification of new prospective members, faster execution of the membership process, managing new revenue streams through IT services (Datafeed and Networking) and prompt customer support with the help of a 360 degree view of the customer.

Binary has built a unique product called ExchangeLogix – a CRM solution tailored for exchanges – stock, currency or commodity. The solution is built on the robust and scalable Sage Saleslogix platform, a product of Sage Group Plc.

The product covers the following members of the exchange ecosystem:



Exchange Logix Features include:

• Member & User management.
• Opportunity & Subscription Management.
• Relationship and Influence Tracking.
• Activity Management and Planning.
• Member and User Alerts
• Network Management
• Datafeed Management
• Service Tracking with automated email routing and email trail
• Legal complaint/arbitration tracking
• Compliance Management
• Reporting


Banking and Financial Services

The banking crisis has seriously tested everyone in the financial services sector. But under such pressure you can thrive. With agile systems you act, not react. Your products or services are first to market, ahead of the competition.

You can:

1.   Reduce costs and capital spend – to aid liquidity. And reshape your business following mergers or acquisitions, outsourcing services for greater savings. Offshore. Onshore. Near shore.
2.  Make compliance second nature – so the growing wave of local and global regulations, like Basel 2, Solvency 2 and anti-money laundering, hold no risk to your business or reputation.
3.  Get closer to your customer – with simpler, more interactive ways of taking your products to rapidly-changing markets, across national borders. That way you not only keep your clients but also find the cross-sell opportunities they value.

Our business consulting led approach, specifically tailored to you, will deliver the innovative service models you need. Just like those for a major Eurozone financial institution that cut costs 30%.


Binary’s solutions for financial services include:

• Customer Relationship Management
• Business Intelligence
• Workflow solutions
• Mobility solutions
• Custom back office solutions
• XBRL compliance