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  1.  Binary Portal Project :

The Binary Portal Project is the first of a kind platform which enables an end to end seamless process for managing projects from various industries in a single application.

Some of its key features include:

• 24/7 access from Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices
• A user-friendly easy to use platform. The Merchant can raise a payment invoice at the click of a few buttons.
• Real-time tracking of funds from the Initiation stage until the Settlement stage.
• Automated email facility notifying the Vendors of the shipments received and logistics tracking.
• Optional email notification is available for all customers, users and merchants notifying them of each move, thus keeping a track of the entire work flow.
• The flexibility of creating Multiple Users within the organization.
• Master account holders can now create multiple users and assign either ‘admin access’ or ‘viewing access’.
• We also provide white label solutions for our portal. For more information and technical support please write to us at info@binaryintltd.com


2.  Product Development & Maintenance :

Binary International is a leading Outsourced Product Development & Engineering company with vast Technology expertise. We deliver high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Development services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

We at BINARY understand the challenges associated with Product Development, hence adopt an Outsourced Product Release Process that reduces cost of software product development considerably while keeps control on the product architecture, offering better ROI to SMEs and ISVs.


Binary’s Product Development activities span through:


Outsourced Product Development & Engineering provides various advantages:

• Transparent and Proven Outsourced Product Development Methodology
• Intellectual Property Protection
• Highly Qualified People & Intellectually Work Environment
• Dedicated Infrastructure
• Faster time to market


3.  Cloud Enablement

Every business is different and a different approach is needed to successfully deploy your application to the cloud. Binary International’s Cloud Enablement Service empowers the migration of legacy applications to the cloud. Our service adapts to your situation, needs of your applications, your business goals and your existing experience with cloud computing. We can also test and validate your existing applications and ensure they are cloud ready, enable them to be ‘cloud worthy’ and even create new cloud native applications.

Once tested, your application can either run on a private cloud, a public cloud or a hybrid cloud and self-manage the hosted environment or have us host and manage your applications for you.


Our services include:

• Assessment and planning including technical assessment, platform evaluation, and cloud migration roadmap development
• Custom development of highly scalable single- or multi-tenant software solutions that run in and across public and private cloud architectures
• PaaS-based application design for Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and Salesforce.com
• Integration of cloud applications and on-premise solutions
• Migration to SaaS based enterprise solutions from Salesforce.com, Google Apps, and Microsoft (SharePoint, Office, and Dynamics)
• Infrastructure management of IaaS platforms including remote monitoring and incident management, patch and security management, remote backups and data management, and performance management

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4.  Mobile Enablement :

An effective Mobile Strategy can bring immediate positive results to your business by extending the capabilities of a mobile device and increase the reach of your enterprise application. This means your employees can now be more productive on and off the field from virtually anywhere on the planet!

Mobility can add value if done right, but counterproductive and underutilised if not strategized as per the business needs and user behavior.

With a strong technical knowledge on Mobile Application Platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows and business acumen in BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality to name a few, Binary International can help you with;

• Enterprise Mobility Strategy Consulting service that can identify opportunities to increase revenue through channel / sales force empowerment.
• Mobile enable existing Enterprise Applications and take legacy / on-premise / web application mobile.
• Develop future proof native, web or hybrid mobile applications
• Enterprise Mobile Application support services that will provide for Management, Maintenance and Support.

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5.  ISV Practices :

Binary understands the unique requirements of ISVs, and has a dedicated practice unit to meet them. Our ISV Practice has dedicated consultants committed to servicing the growing needs of companies like yours, around the globe. We’ve also invested in building Centers of Excellence for each key technology stacks such as .NET, J2EE and LAMP platforms, further facilitating rapid time-to-market.

Some of the world’s leading ISVs rely on us to address their complex business challenges and customer needs to improve their market share. Our flexible delivery model coupled with disciplined and process oriented approach to product development gives our clients a compelling value proposition.


Our ISV practice offers offshore product development services that integrate:

• Prototype based approach to quickly narrow down scope
• Collaborative and Agile Methodology for lesser time to market
• Flexible delivery models
• Cost-effective offshore product development & support
• Robust IPR protection mechanisms
• Robust quality frameworks
• Leverage of tools/reusable component libraries
• Product knowledge retention through Knowledge Management strategies


6.  User Experience :

User Experience has its foundation in a User-Centric Design philosophy of product development. For the product is not an end in itself but merely a means towards an end. The end being providing awesome experience to the user of your software. Binary International has seen the software industry transform and transcend through various phases (and hypes). Over these years, one aspect has always been at the core of our business, customer experience. We have seamlessly transformed hundreds of applications in desktop, web and mobile to give our clients the confidence to meet and exceed changing customer demands and fads.


• Information Architecture
Finding the right content at the right place is the key to customer delight. It starts with indexing information under proper heads to align with the goals of software navigation.

• Quick prototyping
Evaluate design before it’s made. Paper/Stencil prototyping is like sonography, it gives you a feel of how wireframe and navigation framework will work together for your product.

• Front end
Delivery of much anticipated product and now the face of your business. Pixel perfect visual design files or UI specifications embedding into HTML, CSS delivered responsive.

• Visual design
Hit the right notes with colors, typo, theme and your brand design philosophy.

• Forms and Tables
User input is valued more than gold! We take good care of information feed-in by using lightweight tables and forms. Tables and forms contain embedded information and may result in slow response.


7.  Connector Development :

As your organization grows, there is an increasing demand for data access for meeting business goals. With applications and data in silos, it soon becomes a daunting task to export data from one system and import into another. It is not only drains system resources but also consumes valuable manpower. When your projects need to meet their deadlines, you want information to be accessible easily. The option then is to overhaul the entire IT infrastructure or simple connect them to one another.

We recognise this as an opportunity to deliver high impact ROI in the least time possible.Binary International has helped customers connect their enterprise applications so that they talk and share data seamlessly. With the use of SOAP, REST, BULK and Meta Data APIs, we have developed expertise in developing connectors with NetSuite, Sage, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, etc. Our connectors are secure, efficient, flexible and extensible.


Options to choose from;

Point-to-Point:  P2P integration can quickly solve the business problem but is suitable for companies with few applications that need to be integrated. A Middle layer is introduced if the complexity increases with increase of P2P connections.

Middleware:  Middleware eases out connectivity issues and seamlessly integrates legacy systems / silos to the modern interfaces. A middleware is powerful enough to route, convert, combine, and changing the data that is passes.

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